These fish are white-fleshed and mild-tasting, perfect for grilling, frying, sautéing, roasting or cooking with just about any type of … This completely makes sense for two reasons. Wiggle Warts are some of my favorite baits. These would be for trying to catch walleye on Lake Erie (fishing mainly between Mentor Lagoons and Geneva). It’s surprising how many fish have purple on the underside of their head. These will work well at allmost any speed that you want to try from 1.2 to over 3 MPH. In the picture is a walleye that we caught while trolling for walleye in Lake Erie. Best Suspending Jerkbait: Rapala Husky Jerk Fishing Lure at Amazon "Perfectly balanced to run true whether you’re casting or trolling at any speed." The Best Equipment for Walleye Fishing in Lake Erie. Lake Erie Berkley Flicker Minnow Colors May 11, 2017 December 11, 2017 The Next Bite Berkley Flicker Minnow , Trolling , Videos From episode 6 Season 13, Mark Courts goes over which Flicker Minnow colors worked best for post-spawn Lake Erie walleyes. The best speeds for running Deep Down Husky Jerks is from .8 to 1.4 Mph (around 1 mph was our best this past year). The # 11 ‘s sometimes get pulled slowly (1.5 and under) in the fall for large fish. The Erie Dearie or Original Erie Dearie walleye lure should be tipped with a live worm I have had my best luck catching walleye this way. ... Best gentlemen to fish with. My favorite color is blue/white. Best colors – Chrome, White, Purple, bases. After you have set up the right tackle and found the fish, you can catch them by … Old Thundersticks are worth their weight in gold because they remain, without a doubt, the best plugs on Lake Erie. Once it gets into may and I increase my speed some(1.5 to 2.5 MPH) the deep jr’s work well. Crank Bait Colors for Walleye. Most captains keep them under lock-and-key. I have also noticed that many times on Lake Erie when the best bite is 20 to 40 feet down that lures with variations of purple tend to out-fish other colors. Click this link for a description of the best walleye lures on the market. They have a lot of wobble but do not have the wide searching action. Be sure to buy them in assorted colors so you will not miss out if the lure color combination for the day changes. Zoom Salty Super Walleye … I'm just kidding. Your email address will not be published. WALLEYE MIKE, Feb 15, 2016. The colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) are also the same order that colors start disappearing as you increase water depth. Walleye Weapon Lures The “Weapon” is the best all around fishing lure to use on Lake Erie. In my mind, I have always justified that prey fish obviously have red gills, as their blood flows through the gills, and whatever red blood looks like at depth is probably the same as red on a lure at depth, even if it is simply a shade of gray, it should be a similar shade of gray as red blood at depth. These are best worked slowly from 1 to 1.7 MPH. This is for the custom colors he uses and Janns Netcraft ... You will want the 4.75" Walleye Deep 5/8 Ounce Bandits and not the 3.5 inch Bandits I just posted the part about the 3.5 inch Bandits as it is easy to make a mistake when ordering. These lures are hot ! These lures work best when the water is really cold and the walleye want a slow subtle roll to the lure. Forums > Michigan Fishing > Warm Water Species Fishing > Detroit River and Lake Erie > Go to colors: ... WALLEYE MIKE, Feb 15, 2016. That’s rarely the case. Lake Erie walleye hunters form a large part of his customer base. Personally, I usually use bright-colored lures with reds, oranges and pinks from 5 to 20 feet down in the water column, as I assume this is where those colors will be most effective. just trying to get a feel for what other people have used up there that also produced well,,my ulitmate favorite is a size 1 dipsy diver in the watermelon color with any michigan stinger spoon behind it. 4) Reef Runner: 800 series ( the original ) deep diver / deep little ripper. Start working on getting few different brands and colors to try. HOT OFF THE PRESS NEW CENTRAL BASIN FISHING MAPS Central Basin - West Central Basin -East Spinner/Crawler Magic on Erie by Michael Veine. Plastic lures are good -worms are , too - but when it gets right down to filling a cooler with walleyes, trolling with … Here they are ! Known as harnesses, spinners or just plain meat rigs, spinner/crawler combos are a top choice among Lake Erie’s walleye fishing armada. The Lounge Lake Erie Fishing Reports OGF Marketplace Northeast Ohio … Spoon feeding Lake Erie walleyes has become the topic most often discussed among Great Lakes anglers. Lindy's Shadling comes in a Natural Perch and Shiner, but here's where you'd tie on a … On Lake Erie, there are lots of variables that potentially impact what the best color of the day might be. As you lose light penetration, you also lose color wavelengths, and all of a sudden things start looking very different. The obvious connection is that purples penetrate the farthest and the fish most likely still see some shade of purple when other colors start getting eliminated. I believe that most anglers are too superficial when considering lure color, and they don’t understand how many factors will determine how colors look at depth and how that can change from day to day. When the colors that you think should work don’t, try others that might be effective in the conditions that you’re fishing in. 6) Storm Deep Thunderstick and Deep Thunderstick Jr. Storm Deep Thunderstick And Deep Thunderstick Jr. In may and June I opt for the #7. If I had to pick a couple to start they would be firetiger and Dr. dreadful. This was the first crankbait I ever trolled ( circa 1980 ) .These babies catch a ton of fish but get knocked out of tune easily ! Thus will be my first time fishing Erie for walleyes. Spoons, the lure of choice for Walleye by Mike Tontimonia. The size of the Erie Dearie when fishing for Lake Erie walleye depends on water depth and drift speed of your boat. Red colors on lures can lead to lots of debates. Platinum Plus Lake Erie and Lake St Clair Marine. Required fields are marked *, A wholly owned subsidiary of Fondriest Environmental, FishSens Technology designs and manufactures products in a state-of-the-art marine instrumentation and fabrication shop near Dayton, Ohio. I will be venturing to Lake Erie in the next.few weeks for some eyes. On Lake Erie, we have lots of different water colors and clarities, not to mention variable sunlight and wave conditions. We all have to keep in mind that increasing stain or color in the water will start to cut down how far the sunlight can penetrate. I don’t use a ton of these and you could get by without them, but they will catch a lot of fish. When you combine these factors with a little bit of knowledge about local baitfish, you can start putting together a good plan to figure out what color the fish want. One of the most important acronyms to remember when out on the water is one that most of us probably learned in middle school, ROY-G-BIV. We’ve all heard some version of the old adage that “Fishermen buy lures, not fish,” referring to the fact that lures are painted and packaged to attract us to buy them, not strictly to appeal to fish when the lure is actually in the water. Being a troller, I generally have four to six lures in the water which gives me the flexibility to play around with different colors and patterns. Get out and enjoy this weekend! From Lake Erie charter captain Matthew Sell, The best crankbaits for Lake Erie Walleye. The second best explanation is that many Lake Erie prey fish have purple somewhere on their body. (Credit: Travis Hartman). My favorite colors are gold / black back and silver / black back. Yellow and green will persist to around 50 to 60 feet of water in best-case scenarios, and blue through violet will penetrate over 100 feet in clear water. Find the right water color with the right sonar marks and you’ll catch walleye. The Pros and Cons of Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, Dissolved Oxygen: The most important measurement for aquaculture, American Shad Populations, Once Great, Now Minimal. “This year, though, the Perfect 10 fired off and stayed hot throughout the fall season. Vandalism Leaves One Endangered Devils Hole Pupfish Dead, SondeCAM Underwater Camera Makes Smallmouth Curious, Giant Warsaw Grouper Caught In Florida Weighed 347 Pounds, Wisconsin Angler Catches Rare Gold Crappie, A New Approach To Drone Fishing In Offshore Areas, Fishing Line, Part Three: Lines And Monofilament, SondeCAM HD Underwater Camera Features WiFi, Apps, Get The Most Out Of Your Electronics While Keeping Things Simple. They work well in the mid to fast speeds of 1.5 to 2.5 MPH. Most walleye are caught in the upper 45 feet of the water column and precise trolling depth is important.