Fishing time! Information, chat and advice Already registered? As already touched upon, being our immediate neighbours and unarguably among the carp capitals of the world, Irish anglers are acutely aware of the fact that most coarse species (especially carp) grow far larger in England and mainland Europe. Start with some float fishing or feeder fish where you have to strike the bites as appose to the fish hooking themselves on bolt rigs , so many young anglers getting into the sport are jumping straight into carp fishing after seeing it on TV. i read that it was/is heavily poached. For the unfamiliar, carp, as a species, have been present in Ireland in one form or another for centuries – at least since the early 1600s, if not before. CarpForum - The UK Carp Fishing Forum. i know of a lake outside killaloe in co clare. Anglers in the UK, if the ones I know are anything to go by, are crying out for waters such as this, and we have them in comparative plenty. Coaching Guidelines. 1 of 3 Go to page. With many of the above in mind being a reality on a great many venues around Ireland, does the weight of the carp truly matter? Maynooth fishery and corkagh park fishery in Clondalkin are the only two carp fisheries close to Dublin. Presently there is an increasing number of club-controlled waters around the country which are beginning, through sound fishery management (something not really ever applied by the authorities to Irish lakes containing carp), to produce bigger and bigger carp. Carp fishing holidays with CarpEscapes. Ever since I caught my first one by accident as a youngster, carp have been my most-loved fish. for over 50 years. Record weight: 14.24kg, Loughgall, Armagh. If you have a notification that you have a PM, but none in your inbox, please send a message to yourself and read that, and that should clear it up. You can read the announcement with details. If you're new to the carp forum you can introduce yourself to the community. This summer fished well, particularly for roach and hybrids, with some good bream catches from waters with a bit of colour. And it is this unknown quantity that Irish carp fanatics should treasure, not castigate, in my view. Threads 2.5K Messages 9.1K . to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Carp Ireland fishing forum : Home Portal* Register Log in : Gallery. I also had a Tench at slightly below 4lbs which are quite rare in Lough Gall. Northern Ireland Carp Anglers Society, Northern Ireland. Watch Queue Queue Every venue is different and should be treated as such. Southern Ireland: Top Coarse Venues – Eire 9 Oct 2003 Posted on 09/10/2003 old-admin Fisheries & Venues. Carp fishing in Ireland The same can be said of Northern Ireland, too. A superbly conditioned Mirror Carp that tipped the scales just over twenty two pounds, my first Mirror and a personal best too. Are you finding it hard to concentrate at work, for dreaming about your next PB? – two or three fish over 20lb swim there, but that does not detract one bit from enjoying my fishing. Another venue I have fished a great deal in the past has never produced a bona fide twenty pounder – a common characteristic of many lakes in Ireland. Very tight. My obsession was borne out of sheer fascination for what, at the time, was a comparatively rare fish in Irish waters;  at a time when the average coarse angler on the bank would struggle to name more than half a dozen lakes containing carp on the entire island. Click here to find out more, Top 10 Questions and Answers for new users, Here are some useful resources to help you understand the coronavirus as well as what precautions you should take, Threads 2.5K Messages 9.1K. If this water was in the UK, for example, it would be cherished as the last great frontier of carp angling, as would many of the other venues dotted around Ireland that harbour carp, most of which are untapped and unknown.
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