Answer Save. Wavelength Control At first, Black☆Star appears to use the Uncanny Sword fairly well, using his shadow to block one of Free's ice attacks. Black☆Star replies that as they are partners, Tsubaki can rely on him as much as she wants. The group laugh as they hear he is going to play the piano in his soul. With that, Maka, Black☆Star, and Kid enter the vortex. He never forgives the people who hurts his friends (though Crona seems to be an exception), setting off immediately to get revenge in order to defend or restore respect to his friends. As they arrive back at the DWMA, Black☆Star laughs about how easy the mission was while the others complain about how he attacked the village. Black Star Black Star not only excels in martial arts and has a large Soul Wavelength that he can utilise offensively, but trains hard to gain more power until Death the Kid admits that Black Star has surpassed him. Kid asks Black☆Star what had happened to him, and asks him if he is still the person who is going to surpass God. Kid - 16. However, Black☆Star then retorts that if that is what Kid wants, he should kill him, since he is a God of Death. Sid BarrettFranken Stein (Death Weapon Meister Academy instructor) Here, they meet The Table of Contents, the entity in charge of keeping the Book of Eibon in order. Planning[2] The chapter ends up aggravating everyone, making them all fly into a rage. Male Black☆Star, angered, decides to beat Ox. He is a teacher in DWMA and a mad scientist. My guesses: Maka: 14 to 15 Soul Eater: 16 to 18 Black Star: 9 to 11 Tsubaki: 18 to … Thankfully, the black blood saved her life and as the kishin lashed out at Maka, stabbing her shoulder with Vajra. Mifune, however, is able to deflect each and every one of Black☆Star's strikes. No way! Black☆Star and Tsubaki along with Maka and Soul, travel to Shisceda Village to help the hunter of the village take down a sky whale in order to help the village prosper. Age 'Cos when it comes to friendship, that's one place where "Symmetry" doesn't mean a thing! Patty 15. At first, he seems to succeed in destroying the syringe. There is constant talk concerning Shinigami's son, Death the Kid's enrollment in the DWMA. He also adopts a more feminine personality. Kid states that in his determination to stop Eruka, Black☆Star had created a gap in his mental defenses for the madness to play an illusion on him. Mosquito then uses his immense strength to overpower the kids. Black☆Star, however, is the only one in his area unaffected. He then complains to himself for being Mifune's messenger boy. Another connection may be found in the water that surrounds the hidden chapter of the Book of Eibon, Cthulhu also being said to sleep under water. If they fail, then they will be excluded from his class. In this case, it is a custom, white, muscle shirt. … He had a lust for power, even taking the Path of the Demon to attain that power. Physical information ブラック☆スター [18] He was also a victor in one of the Death Festival tournaments one year. [17], Originally, Black☆Star was considered one of the top three students in Death Weapon Meister Academy alongside Death the Kid and Kilik Rung. Over a year later, Black☆Star then wears blue pants with the hemline rolled a few inches above his ankles, with white shoes and a white belt that is similar to an obi. The two shake hands, agreeing that they both have good partners. Soon though, Hiro stops wielding Excalibur. Relatives - stream 9 black star playlists tagged with soul eater from your desktop or mobile device. However, Kid, under the influence of madness and determined to create a world of 'nothingness' that surpasses symmetry, instead states that Black☆Star is too big for the world he is making, and thus tells him that he needs to disappear. Maka runs off, in tears. He can still be a little too informal and to people, and sometimes exhibits his usual headstrong and proud ways, but it does not go over a manageable level. Background. He reprimands Black☆Star, asking him why he had not noticed this, even when he had cut him with Tsubaki in Ninja Sword mode. All weapons she's capable of transforming to are Japanese-related weaponry.[44]. However, he proves to be an amazing fighter, being able to use Soul Perception in order to analyze his opponents beforehand, and he takes out Black☆Star easily whilst still seated on his chair. Kid tells Black☆Star that he will use all of his power to strike Asura, and asks Black☆Star to provide him with a distraction, which disgruntles the Meister, as he likes to be on centre stage. [9] As a baby, Black☆Star was taken in the academy by a young Sid Barrett coincidentally on the same day Maka Albarn was born. The Table of Contents acknowledges their determination and sends them on to the first Chapter, Lust, where everyone has their genders switched, taking on the form of their idea of a perfect sexual partner. The three manage to infiltrate the now abandoned castle, and manage to find Angela. Unfortunately for Black☆Star, he is caught by Stein and is seen the next day hanging from the class board, battered and bloody, much to Tsubaki's dismay. Black☆Star then starts to fall under the same madness as Kid, his pupils turning into stars. The Black Star is a re-usable black soul gem. alexism Black star looks lick mudusa kawaiii.3. Black☆Star declares that someone as great as him has no need to take credit for someone else's work. The Big Man is Showing Up Here?