Both passed their entire postwar careers—more than a quarter of a century—commanding these regiments. Deran Sarafian was born on January 17, 1958 in Los Angeles, California, USA. FOLLOWING THE WARPATH: Quitman Pass to Dog Canyon This is a terrible scan of a fragment of Texas road map, but it gives some idea of Nana’s tactical position and his probable movements after he crossed the river below Fort Quitman. His advance, however, mistook Finley's detachment for Indians and opened fire, forcing it to withdraw to the waterhole. But he could not shake Morrow’s pursuers, who relentlessly tracked him and flushed him from strong positions, causing a few casualties and the loss of stock and camp equipment. At the end of the war, The New York Times reported four hundred deaths at Victorio’s hands; the real number is likely far smaller.). Following the cold trail, Baylor and his Rangers tracked the Apaches down the bank of the Rio Grande and into Mexico. It twisted and turned through mountain and desert, but Baylor hung on. Soon they too ran low on ammunition. 211 100 100.1 Telegrams concerning Col. Valle and the Suppression of Internal Revolution. Dr. Joseph Bell, British physician believed to be the prototype of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective Sherlock Holmes. In another hour of skirmishing, Viele fought his way through to Grierson. After the Rio Palomas battle, Victorio went on some raids to Mexico repeatedly fording the Rio Grande, after having been intercepted and beaten off, with a 60 warriors' party, at Quitman Canyon (July 30, 1880). On July 27 he was at Quitman, and the next day he learned that Victorio was headed north toward the Rio Grande. Morrow commanded the strongest, accompanied by Hatch. Seeing the fire came from all sides, Victorio ordered his people to scale the rocky heights of the nearest of the three low mountains. "Legendary lawman" Joaquin Jackson died at 80-years-old after a short battle with cancer. Library of Congress. The infantrymen organized wagon and pack trains to shuttle supplies from Fort Davis to the cavalry columns lacing the deserts to the west. Territorial Governor Lew Wallace vigorously sought authority to raise a citizen militia, but failed. Stories abound of how the chieftain died: the most reliable, told by the Apache who found his body, is that he fatally stabbed himself with his knife. Strengthened by a troop of the 6th Cavalry and Lieutenant Gatewood’s Apache scouts from Arizona, Hatch had already, in late February, called together all twelve troops of the 9th Cavalry and organized them into three battalions. His people fatigued and short of provisions, Victorio headed southeast into the forbidding Chihauhuan Desert south of West Texas. Morrow followed one party so closely that at the border itself he had a brief skirmish in which Victorio’s son Washington was killed. QUITMAN CANYON.Through Quitman Canyon runs an intermittent stream. Such origins, rather than West Point and the Regulars, counted against them, as did their command of black regiments. Morrow ordered Gatewood to lead the scouts in a swing to the right in an effort to flank the enemy position while his cavalrymen would simultaneously resume their assault. The United States had the full might of its army on its side, but several factors favored Victorio. "Texas Rangers pursued, killed eight, and dispersed the rest. Capt. Their skills proved indispensable in trailing the Victorio and his renegades, as well as in fighting them. The colonel veered at once to the west and attacked over the top of the mountains, hoping to trap the Indians between Morrow and McLellan. In September 1880, Mexican Col. Joaquín Terrazas scoured the country with a force that grew from two hundred to more than three hundred as volunteers enlarged his command.