If there is one out there, I haven’t found it. In a city where old Bohemia meets the modern world, beauty is never lacking. Whilst planning my trip to this historical city, I was interested in a lot more than architecture, which is normally my main focus. All of them are special, pretty and even romantic. In 1609 Henry Hudson became the first European … Continue reading →, In 1782 Bangkok became the capital of Siam – as Thailand was previously known. Hi, I'm Virginia, a licensed architect based in London. Absolutely Lucy – Adventure Seeker, From Backpacking to Luxury Treats A Couple For The Road – Cultural Travel Blog Active Planet Travels – Traveling the World The Adventure Junkies – Don’t Dream It, Live It Adventure Mom – Adventure Travel and Lifestyle Adventure on Yall – Honest Opinions Helping People Plan Vacations Adventurous Kate – Solo Female Travel Blog Adventures Around Asia – Travel & Expat L… The picturesque, honey-coloured towns and villages of the Cotswolds look as if they have strayed into the 21st century from … Continue reading →, Prague, one of the most enchanting European cities, is brimming with stunning architecture, charming markets and hilltop views. The 10 Best architecture blogs pg-38-TEN-BEST-1.jpg. 1. Its strategic position within the protective curve of Chao Phraya River to the West and the vast, swampy delta of the Sea of Mud that secured the city to the East was key. Also covered are peripheral arenas like culture, art and travel. Hotels. According to a study by Thomson Reuters, Switzerland experienced a … Continue reading →, Basel is Switzerland’s little secret. Planning a trip to Lisbon soon? No Worries, PocketDrum 2 Has You Covered, Lark Distilling Co. 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If you happen to be planning a trip around America – North America more specifically – this information below might be of interest. Since June 2017 I have been living and working in Poznan as a means to explore western Poland and draw/ photograph its architecture. Maintaining a supremely accessible layout, Dwell invites architects, designers and enthusiasts alike to come share in the process. This guide covers everything interesting in terms of … Continue reading →. Archinect has been in the game since 1997, making it one of the most seasoned online players around. From the historical landmarks of the old town … Continue reading →, Anyone excited about Spring? Europe is always a good idea for a trip during this season as besides the undeniable charm, there is an interesting and educational program going on. All, Architecture. That makes Borson’s blog, Life of an Architect, more or less exactly what it sounds like. Hotels Countries _Mexico _Cuba _Indonesia _China _Sri Lanka _Italy _the Netherlands _the United Kingdom _Burkina Faso All. This guide covers everything interesting in terms of architecture. Founder: Paul Petrunia Since June 2017 I have been living and working in Poznan as a means to explore western Poland and draw/ photograph its architecture. … Continue reading →, Reading is one of life’s best pleasures. Visit Zürich and my friend Philipp Heer organised a short trip to this delightful area of Switzerland … Continue reading →, Stockholm is vast and its history is softly infused in the landmarks that stretch across the Baltic Sea. From Vaxholm Fortress, built by Russian prisoners (and used as the filming location of Pippi) to the royal palaces of Kungliga Slottet and Drottningholms Slott. Sharon has travelled to 83 countries and the family has been to Thailand multiple times. Founder: Frank Arthur, Scott Purcell Basilica Architecture. News media websites are another good source of information about architecture travel. What makes Luang Prabang truly exceptional is its traditional mixture of Lao architecture and buildings from the French colonial era. Exercising a curatorial approach, WebUrbanist has earned itself a reputation as one of the best architecture blogs covering inventive and unusual projects. With its eyes primarily focused on the best in Australian architecture, The Local Project goes behind the scenes to introduce important players and projects alike. Year Started: 2016. Visualizza altre idee su viaggi. That’s joined by intensive profiles and interviews with the industry’s biggest names. Man of Many participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we sometimes earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Massively popular and influential, Dezeen first launched in 2006 as a straightforward blog before growing into a full-blown online magazine that attracts over two million unique visitors a month. Founder: Kurt Kohlstedt Year Started: 2011. This site focuses specifically on Japanese art, design, and architecture. Chez Tess – Burkina Faso . Here are the 14 Best Architecture Blogs. Located where the Swiss, French and German borders meet, Basel is a mecca for architects. No text, all art. Her website and blog offers a unique insight into professional practice together with inspiration and tips for young architects. Run by John Hill, the top architecture blog delivers your daily helping of vivid imagery and approachable coverage. This blog is about these fascinating places! The painter known to us as El Greco (‘the Greek’), was actually named Domenikos Theotokopoulis, which is clearly why a nickname was in order. This Article is part of our Home & Design Series, You’ll also like: With the days getting colder and the nights getting longer, leaving the house looks a lot … Continue reading →, There have long been grounds upon which to find Switzerland attractive – mountains and chocolate yes, buildings and culture double yes. Use them as your career guide or as your daily dose of building porn. They have received 1 million downloads and have been featured in multiple architecture websites across the world. In a attempt to share with you all the documentation relevant … Continue reading →, Those who have read Agatha Christie’s novel Murder on the Orient Express (1934), will have a vivid mental image of the train I am about to describe: Art deco cabins with shiny polished wood, brass luggage racks, staff members in elegant hats, champagne bar, high-end cutlery and crockery for sophisticated dining. (write architecture travel blog, take a job that offers travel, building photographer, there are many travel opportunities for architects though. One week before the world lockdown, I was gifted with the last chance to travel – not that anybody knew then what was coming, or the time it was going last. 11 Best Men’s Gear Blogs. From the … Continue reading →, As Autumn slowly makes its way in, the cultural calendar picks up steam at the same time cities turn vivid ochre and old gold. Please note, we have listed our top travel blogs in alphabetical order to simplify your search; thus, they are not ranked or rated in any way.