Crude castor oil could be sold to electricity companies, textile industries, paint industries, aviation industries and pharmaceutical industries to mention few. I will like to meet someone for proper mentoring. He further explained: “Labour to be determined by self, pesticides will cost N12,000, seedlings N25,000, which the total is N37,000. Castor seed is the source of castor oil, which has a wide variety of uses. Meaning, translation and how to say, Castor seed in Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin, Yoruba, English| Nigerian Dictionar Castor Oil: Part 1- How to Grow and Harvest Beans From Castor Oil Plant: Castor oil is extracted from the castor bean or castor seeds, which has a wide variety of uses in Ayurvedic medicine and cosmetics. The results you are possibly quoting are not from Africa, Well,thank you.I will only advice readers to be careful in dealing with your type I doubt if u have a plot or have even seeing a Castor plant before.Nonetheless,your high temperament shows how good you are in business. Nigeria Castor Seeds Directory provides list of Made in Nigeria Castor Seeds Products supplied by reliable Nigeria Castor Seeds Manufacturers, Traders and Companies. India is said to be the world’s largest producer of castor seed and meets most of the global demand for castor oil. I have seen some of them looking for whom or where to sell their castor seeds and rake millions, alas no one is ready to buy and if they eventually see, it may be at a ridiculous price. “Castor is a seven-year plant. Request quotations and connect with Nigerian manufacturers and B2B suppliers of Castor Seeds. Castor (Ricinus communis L.) is cultivated around the world because of the commercial importance of its oil. Most of the money made from castor bean farming is from castor oil. (Ricinus communis L.) is cultivated around the world because of the commercial importance of its oil. “Nigerians spend over N100billion to import castor oil annually. Castor Seed (Ricinus communis L.) is cultivated around the world because of the commercial importance of its oil. The world’s consumption is high and production is too low. The production capacity of the proposed plant is four (4) tons per day and would operate a double shift of eight (8) hours each at 80% of installed capacity for three hundred (300) working day producing about one hundred and sixty (160) tons of castor oil bi-monthly. The African Castor Acres Foundation promotes the specific knowledge of castor seed farming and castor seed oil processing in Nigeria and West Africa. Oct 29, 11:45 : Due to imminent second wave of corona in Europe, the importing countries would stock castor seeds for any future issue in supply chain. The whites come to us to look for it. Answer a few questions so we can connect you with the right businesses. Page - 1 163Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. / How To Start Pig Farming In Nigeria – All The Secrets You Need To Know / Goat Farming In Nigeria – How To Start And Earn Big While At It! because of its enormous benefits and importance in almost all industries and also used as a basic thing in our everyday lives. Over 30bn worth of Castor oil is imported from India alone to Nigeria every year, while Nigerians watch as foreigners come into the country to collect our money in raw cash. NIGERIA, a few days ago, entered its second recession under the present administration as official figures from... © 2019 The Sun Nigeria - Managed by Netsera. Castor plant "the new oil on tree " it's been discovered that Nigeria has the best land to grow castor in the world, yet this product is imported, about N26billion worth of castor oil is imported yearly and yet it's not enough? If one plants castor on 2½ acres of land (1 hectare), he can get 1 tonne every five months for seven years, which means you will harvest for about 15 times because it starts producing as from the fifth month after planting. Products. Hello Castor ,buyers,sellers, farmers ,traders and processor?...I am so happy everyone of you have spoken and that has been interactive enough...can we have a digital marketplace for castor seed in Nigeria,where everyone can easily trade,buy or sell castor seed or oil in just few minute without the difficulty of asking who has seeds at hand or not..we are working on something big for castor seed in Nigeria at the moment..we can easily regulate the price to our own favor not the end users determining price for us,we will form a strong society of our own within the marketplace.We train new members on our to achieve better result in cultivating castors.Anyone having huge quantity of castor can now sell through the platforms ,buyers too can buy..How much is castor seed per kg now?Can anyone tell me? So what we are doing … I really don’t pity them because they followed the bandwagons blindly just because of what they heard about making millions of naira in few months. See Also: How To Start A Lucrative Organic Fertilizer Production Business In Nigeria… The global demand for castor oil is mainly met by only India. A lot of juicy talks about castor farming has been circulating the internet for some time now and trust Nigerians they have gone into it without carrying out proper due diligence, and as a result they get their fingers burnt losing their money. 180tpd castor oil processing plant for sale in nigeria |, nigeria 170tpd castor oil processing machinery, Castor Oil from Nigeria (335) Castor Oil from UAE (327) Castor Oil from USA (283) Get PriceGet Price; Oil Processing Machinery at Best Price in India. Contact Buyer. With a small machine, a castor oil producer can make N1 billion in a year. Because of its unlimited industrial applications, castor oil enjoys tremendous demand worldwide. Castor seed is a multipurpose bean seed, (ricinus communis) which is poisonous at its first stage there is no limit to the works and wonders of castor order for undiluted raw castor oil and seed at affordable price (490/tonne... Lagos State, Ikeja, NOV 8 – Feeds, Supplements & Seeds 3 I live in Abeokuta and i am intrested in planting castol oil bean seed. • To place Nigeria and Africa in the world map of major producers and exporters of castor seeds and oil. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Agriculture / Castor Farming In Nigeria: The Trending Niche In Agriculture That May Make You (4094 Views), Finding Your Own Niche In Agriculture!! If press wheels are used in contact with the seed, care should be taken that they do not crush the seed. If you check the internet you will see things like “how you can make 50 million in seven years on 10 hectare of castor” or “earn millions of naira farming castor farming in a year”. The seeds … Also, capital often limits farmers, as a government loan is sometimes cumbersome to access due to too many requirements.”, Please where can I get good castor seed to plant. Castor (Ricinus communis) is a seed cultivated round the world because of it’s oil from the seed. 1. In rainfed situations, seed priming with 1% Kcl for 3 hours and sowing 7 days before onset of monsoon is recommended. You planned to market your organisation but you got it wrong.How on earth can you spend more than #150k on Castor planting for an hectare? We don’t have good castor seed in Nigeria but we have the best land for castor plant.”. Your email address will not be published. Farmsenseng provides investment opportunities for farmers and investors in areas including castor farming, processing and offtake. To me, this is incredible. It is absolutely impossible you get 3 tonnes in an hectare. Castor oil and its derivatives also find major application in soaps, grease, hydraulic brake fluids and perfumery products as well. Nigeria imports over N30 billion worth of castor oil every year despite having arable and fertile land, and climatic conditions suitable for its farming. See How To Advertise. Agribusiness Consulting Services Our consulting services cover soil testing, farm setup, seed procurement, advisory services, recruitment and more. • To increase the employment rate in Nigeria by providing jobs through castor farming and castor … Today,more than 30 states in Nigeria know what is castor seed. If it looks too good to be true, then most likely it is not true. Castor oil’s application range is very wide with uses ranging from paints, synthetic resins and varnishes, to the areas of national security involving engineering plastics, jet engine lubricants and polymers for electronics and telecommunications. Get factory pricing. Some sell 1 litre of oil for 2000naira, Please add me Emeka 08065124429 Thank you. A tonne of castor bean sells for $1,500 as at now. Connect with the right business. Receive up to 3 responses from the businesses that meet your need. Please Help. Castor farming has been trending since last year up to this moment I am writing this article. Please Help, Links: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10). We are exceptional for making the best castor seeds in the transnational market class wise. Best Castor Seed Professionals in Nigeria. The highest I have gotten is 500kg n the highest I have heard is 800kg in Nigeria. Bishop Sam Zuga plans to reduce unemployment in Africa with Zugacoin, Digital technology will enhance Nigeria’s socio-economic development – Perm Sec, No country can grow without the success of its SMEs – Daniel Folley, 5.2m people in N’East suffer acute food insecurity, Lagos borehole tax illegal –Stellarchem boss, Mixed reactions trail FG’s hydrocarbon search in Sokoto basin, Military clearance: PDP, Ohanaeze, Afenifere, Middle Belt Forum, Junaid lambast Presidency, FG returns 3,000 displaced after Boko Haram violence, US President-elect nominates Nigerian as deputy treasury secretary, Uzodimma flags off N55bn Owerri/Orlu roads, Beyond Wisdom Okotie’s visions and dreams. The oil has a very consistent viscosity and a low freezing temperature. The country of India is the leading producer of castor seeds worldwide. Wholesale Nigeria castor seed price ☆ Find 1 Nigeria castor seed price products from 1 Nigeria manufacturers & suppliers at EC21 ☆ Choose quality castor seed price Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in Nigeria Now - EC21 How Nigerians can make money from Castor seed farming. Speaking on the economic benefits, a farmer and consultant with Monrole Global, Mr. Akin Famuyiwa, said, “the money in castor is even more in production of its oil. 2. We have arable land suitable for Castor seed farming. Its seed is the castor bean, which, despite its name, is not a true bean. Required fields are marked *. We are at the verge of creating Marketplace for castor seeds in Nigeria and Africa at large, building and connecting all castor value chain actor and commercialisation of castor oil and Bean and other Agro-commodities. Omolad Oli Nig Ltd Info Phone Lagos 20 Ejigbo Road Ejigbo Lagos 23401 Castor Seeds Flower Bulbs, Seeds & Seedlings Cotton Seed Meal Cotton Seeds Corn Gluten Meal Dacitas Plc Info Email Phone Lagos Plot 11 Kudirat Abiola Way Oregun Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. Castor seed farming in Nigeria is a profitable money-making agribusiness investment that few Nigerian farmers know about. • To aid our local castor-based producers and minimize the cost of importing castor-based raw materials. Op,stop being abusive while making comments. Pharmaceutical industries need organic castor bean oil to produce painkillers. Good luck. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. The world consumption of castor oil is very high. The current consumption of castor oil and its derivatives in the domestic market is estimated at about 300,000 tonnes. According to him, castor seeds grow in over 24 states, which is the additional advantage for Nigeria to make castor oil a major source of income instead of crude oil. CASTOR SEEDS Details. Castor Growers, Processors, and Marketers Association of Nigeria (CASGPMAN) regulate the price of castor seeds in Nigeria and for the past 6years the price has been stable on an increasing level. India is said to be the world’s largest producer of castor seed and meets most of the global demand for castor oil. All rights reserved. Nigeria has been found to have the best land for the cultivation of castor bean seed but we are yet to take advantage of this golden opportunty. Find Castor Seeds Suppliers. It only needs four rains or watering to survive and that makes you a silent millionaire because people don’t even know it when they see it. Nigeria imports over N30 billion worth of castor oil every year despite having arable and fertile land, and climatic Probably the winsome castor seeds and sesame seed,palm oil,shea butter,moringa seed,lpfo products completed in abuja in inexpensive prices. You are not helping your business.Good,we are all farmers but honestly there is no where on this planet where you get 3000kg per hectare. Let’s take advantage. Seed Treatment in Castor Cultivation:-It is recommended to treat the seeds with Carbendazim @ 2 grams/kg of seed for preventing seed borne diseases like root-rot and Alternaria blight.Soaking the seeds in water for 18 to 20 hours is advised. And due to overstocking done … Castor Farming In Nigeria: The Trending Niche In Agriculture That May Make You, How To Start Pig Farming In Nigeria – All The Secrets You Need To Know. Re: Castor Farming In Nigeria: The Trending Niche In Agriculture That May Make You,,, Cucumber Farming In Nigeria: Beginner’s Guide, OUT OF STOCK - Premium Quality Tokyo F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seeds, Whats The Local Name For Jatropha Seed & Castor Seed?
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