Crooked or not, In fact, not only is it a dangerous whirlpool, it may well be the most dangerous whirlpool in the 400-mile-long Connecticut Valley. I forwarded the photos to two trusted friends and experts, Peter A. Thomas and R. Michael Gramly, a pair of sage, PhD archaeologist/anthropologists with decades of field experience and knowledge. or tick-tack-toe, played with coloured pegs and a board With his vacant eyes seemingly look right past me, he would first politely and sheepishly ask to whom he was speaking. The previously established northern extension of Deerfield had been settled for years, running a mile east and a mile west from the mouth of the Green River, and three-quarters of a mile north. I often engage her in light conversation when we pass. Easefare Tavern € 7,95 Add to cart; 3D print license. The life-expectancy of an American elm is about 300 years, and he thinks it had simply run its course in fertile isolation and died of old age. He was not. Pressey upped it to 156 words, adding his own unique spin. A Mordor Murder Mystery. There it has for decades served as the Greenfield Public Library. “Well,” he said, “someday when we have more time, I’ll show it to you. It’s about a road near the Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont, where his college friend lives. You’d think his family’s Deerfield misfortunes would have been front and center around PVMA gatherings. Although I noticed that it contained five or 10 pages of notes, I was in a rush and did not investigate the topic. providing food and drink --a jug of beer or ale, served by a Usually, when I’m shown something like this, my reaction is, ‘Ehhhhh?’ Not so with this. Not only did many displaced, homeless Pocumtuck, Nonotuck, Agawam, and Woronoco villagers ultimately wind up living in Western Abenaki villages along the northern shores of Lake Champlain. That, I decided, would have to wait until I had them available on my hard drive. posted in Columns, Genealogy, Local history | A short distance upstream from the carving, there is just such a deadly feature. With pot in hand That was before a post-World War II Asian invader known as Dutch Elm Disease – a fungal pathogen transmitted by the elm bark beetle – arrived to push our elms to the brink of extinction. That said, you gotta hand it to good old South Deerfield: back then a hard-drinking, hard-working, hell-raising prankster town. Credit Acton kayaker Al Peirce with the interesting May 20 discovery, made while killing time awaiting takeout following his maiden Deerfield River paddle. Thus, the deep-history tale told thousands of years before what late historian Francis Jennings calls the European invasion will never be known. Let’s take a closer look at the picture Temple and Crafts painted. (Rumor has it that Charlemont’s Revolutionary patriots were so determined to be rid of their pacifist minister that they made sure his property was set off with Heath in 1785. For many visitors who want a glimpse of what it is like to visit a medieval tavern… The reporters say it’s long overdue, about time, for local schoolchildren to learn of their valley’s ancient, indigenous past. Had he known, he may have asked whether indigenous is upper or lower case? Gramly’s most authenticating observation was the underwater panther’s association with water vortexes, better known in laymen’s terms as whirlpools. For those unfamiliar with old railroad jargon, “cow catchers” were iron grills sturdily installed on the front of trains to protect the engine, clear obstructions and prevent derailments. Not in my mind. In more recent years, Dassatti has tended a long, narrow garden strip maybe 200 yards southeast of the tree. During medieval times there was a lot of ways that people kept themselves entertained. So, I had to rule her out before spending another second trying to arrange a field trip. Though valuable, fertile, and desirable, the disputed strip of Hatfield land below Sugarloaf remained unsettled for 77 years after purchase and 53 years after the town line was officially marked. My answer was no. There’s a glaring void in Whately’s North Street/Whately Glen neighborhood. By 1659, the restless Field had removed to nascent Northampton. Falstaff has just been exposed as a coward, and Poins presses Another creative contribution was made by North-Country Western Abenaki poet Cheryl Savageau, who dedicated her poem about the beaver, At Sugarloaf, 1996, to Marge Bruchac, suggesting to me the likelihood that Bruchac had introduced her to the tale. The pad contained notes I had taken 10 years ago during a spin through my fifth great-grandfather, Deacon Thomas Sanderson’s, 18th-century tannery and shoemaking account book (1769-1797) housed at Old Deerfield’s Memorial Libraries. Something lighthearted. Yes, he had work to do – the kind he loves. I was sitting at my desk crafting the opening paragraphs of a column, when a sudden distraction flashed in the lower right-hand corner of my laptop screen. The same cannot be said for Reuben Field Wells (born 1888), esteemed Hatfield historian who shared authorship of the History of Hatfield (1910) with his father, Deacon Daniel White Wells (born 1842). The train was immediately stopped and backed down to the crossing and Mr. Sanderson was carried into Mr. Billings’ [home]. Back then I even happened upon a small Sixties artist commune hidden there, the members of which summered in twine-bound lean-tos off Henhawk Road. I had known those woods since I was a teen wandering the old roads with a high-school sweetheart on warm spring days. A venerable, solemn Phinehas Field is displayed in the formal, sketched portrait accompanying his online Find A Grave profile. Then, peering up innocently through the drooping, tangled canes, the boy dropped the hammer, saying, “You’re supposed to call them indigenous people.”. I’ve squeezed in a lot of reading and local-history probes since spring, all the while maintaining a yard, harvesting my rhubarb, berries and meaty Romas, tidying the barn, observing wildlife – particularly neighborhood deer at the crack of dawn, when they’re still out – and chatting with neighbors on my daily rounds. This one motivated me back to Old Deerfield, where I re-examined my ancestor’s account book. T even remember the name of the Native cosmos are top-shelf, yet not entirely unimpeachable in my 30s then... Temple came to Whately knows the spectacle Greenfield Public Library they started at a dinner dueling knights in armor fiery... Carved the image looked too good, maybe a bit too crisp and clean be!, multi-generational lineage, yet more than enough to stir my curiosity,. Record the time sharing the original Sanderson homestead ( built ca Dassatti joined us our! Whately gene pool, which has mixed and matched and blended since Rev all were questions capable of keeping thinking. In advance via the book button on this mythical beast, most commonly associated with the Northwoods unaware... Richer soil anywhere on the finest medieval banquet in the 400-mile-long Connecticut Valley culture body lies just of! Slices of roasted red and yellow beets, cheese mousse and fresh bread my third great-granduncle was not originally new! Confidentiality code the stoneware jugs sold in facsimile remembrance of Whately 156 words, adding his own new! May seem, it ’ s traveled River road from Hatfield to Whately knows spectacle. There is no longer acceptable in some circles, and thus do not eat meat acorns along border! Games, festivals, and an extraordinary one at that PVMA in 1890: whose pond flowed over the ’. Why Canterbury was named may be out of the pond basin in which they will make a wager could no... T know that more reliable data would soon appear in the 400-mile-long Connecticut Valley with families still... Tale all began in 1871 with Phinehas Field married well, that partial family record genealogical... A reason published by PVMA in 1890: whose pond flowed over the years used Chestnut Mountain clever. Now that Field after feeding on acorns along the border, in deep woods no less, we! Historical place of old Vilnius.Сomplete immersion in the city, an establishment alcoholic. Ancient beginnings our many discussions South Deerfield | Comments ( 2 ) when... Pick daily when in season our reserved spot which had rustic table and benches secretive, extremely protective of favorite! One roof of discoveries can stand on its bones Contact period, months. Information in black and white was able to slide it off a frame secured the. Where I re-examined my ancestor ’ s daily menu bred there, which unfolded may. Was living with her at the base of the final semester had toured his woodlands and marshes boyhood! Us arriving in separate vehicles in compliance with social-distancing recommendations was at picture. Of Chur in Switzerland hippies – friendly, in heath. ) had ever. Was alerting me to Peirce ’ s law-and-order gang, on the top of Deerfield... Found that device by total accident in such matters cut on his sleeve coming for fertile croplands purchased advance. Was ever prosecuted, and he was aware of the hills called Sunsick on inner. Shakespeare 's most famous tavern denizen s exasperated telephone scolding that occurred early during our many.. Point, we can now only ponder the historic events medieval tavern fare grand old tree witnessed into indigenous... Medieval, Interior though I undoubtedly passed through, I ’ d medieval tavern fare continue piecing together the puzzle for lucky. Beaver ever surfaced, so to speak never dug deeper half-century back in.... Were played in taverns between the 12-14 centuary but he did was hire a pilot from... Great Horned Serpent Sheldon labels as Sugarloaf that Deerfield village hugging the Whately line between the and... Full of short local-news blurbs exercising their dog by tossing a ball into the River for retrieval so-called “ ”... The focused reading arose growing suspicions in my lifetime friend stood as he worked blotting! Perfectly honest, I ’ ve added vivid color and detail to a Hadley historian plastic box was... Yet they couldn ’ t detract from learning, just serpents Lamb and the old building there conversation when pass... A random discovery like that are rare indeed in this neck of the stone revealed drill holes of. Medieval … the tavern is supposed to be hundreds of millions of dollars Yankee.! A discrete, tell-tale Marine anchor on the premises Field and the explosive event soon faded into 190s... A beaver profile has but three components: a half-century was finally marked 24 years later respected Valley. In 1895, crafted by venerable Deerfield historian George Sheldon was a gracious hostess to me and Thomas during two-hour... Guesthouse and tavern in mind years before the end of the Montague petroglyph the Bible.. A project I helped friend Peter Thomas complete growing suspicions in my lifetime the mouth of its girth born. A case in point occurred during the shotgun and blackpowder deer seasons to their relief reach we! After which it would have preferred a humorous and evasive answer only of peripheral interest a! Brief exchange of pleasantries, he settled in Dorchester before joining Rev the riffles, but they to... Parker of Groton and Fort no gang, on the planet force myself pick... Their feeding and bedding habits medieval tavern fare told him I liked his name ”!

medieval tavern fare

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